Renz Wire Binder Manual 3.1 Pitch RW Home

£189.00 + Vat


Entry-level desktop home range for punching and RENZ RING WIRE® binding. For use with low volumes of books at home.

  • Binds up to 120 sheets
  • Closure control guarantees easy ring wire closure for perfect presentations every time
  • Staggered punching pins for better punching
  • A4, A5 format changes
  • Adjustable side lay for perfect punching registration
  • Easy to empty sliding waste tray
  • Measures the document
  • Perfect bind every time
  • Compact design to fit any size home or small office



Punching capacity sheets per hr 2,000
Min. punching width 10 mm
Max. punching width 300 mm
Min. unpunched length 50 mm
Max. unpunched length 500 mm
Max. punching thickness 1 mm
Punching operation Manual
Punch dies available Square 4.0 x 4.0 mm
Pitch 3:1
Selectable punch pins (QSA) No
Variable margin depth No
Binding thickness 1 – 12 mm
Binding element Ø 6,9 – 14.3 mm
1/4″ – 9/16″
Min. binding width 10 mm
Max. binding width 300 mm
Binding operation Manual
No. of books output per hr 50
No. of calendars output per hr
Machine dimensions L x W x H 300 x 540 x 140 mm
Machine weight 6.5 kg
Machine packing dimensions L x W x H 460 x 190 x 370 mm
Machine weight with packing 7 kg


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