GMP Exlam 655Q Roll Laminator

Superb laminating results with a wide range of Heat Seal laminating films from 32mic to 250mic.

The Excelam 655Q is the best selling desktop Roll Laminator solution in the GMP range for A1 Size Prints.

The GMP Excelam 655Q offers desktop roll lamination at an affordable budget, it incorporates the latest hot roller technology and Digital LCD controls for both speed and temperature.

The LCD panel is fully programmable with a 9 program memory for repeat setups instantly. The Excelam 655Q also has fully adjustable roller pressure which is particularly handy when laminating thicker stock or taking advantage of the Excelam’s ability to offer mounting up to 5mm.

The Excelam series of desktop solutions are ideal for Schools, Colleges, Copy Shops or printers looking to bring encapsulation facilities in house, there easy to use and intuitive controls make them the perfect companion for any print environment.

The Excelam series also come complete with an inbuilt web cutter for easy film removal and cutting of the laminates as they exit the machine.
Features include variable speed, temperature and pressure control, LCD readout, Preset functions,mounting capability. Improvement in temperature sensing by measuring directly off the hot roller surface with use of Non-Contact
Infrared Optic sensor circuit. Accurate and stable temperature regulation allows the machine to perform lamination in more professional fashion.


  • Installed Safety Device (Slide Latch)
  • Hot Roller Technology (Perfect for Photo Prints)
  • Speed & Temperature Controls
  • Mounting capability up to 5mm thick
  • 8 Bit micro-processor controls with pre-set functions for Hot & Cold applications
  • Temperature Measurement along with an Override Control
  • Tension Control
  • Variable Pressure Control
  • Accurate Temperature Measurement by way of an Infrared Sensor
  • Transparent Roller Cover with magnetic Latch for easy removal and safety features
  • Paper Guide on Feed Table
  • Very easy to use


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